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20,000 notes until May 1, 2014. The day that the death of Senna completes 20 years. I trust you guys to do this tribute



Poignant “Iron Man 3” fact:

The scene of Pepper with Tony’s helmet (top), according to screenwriter Drew Pearce, was inspired by the heart-wrenching real-life scene of famed Brazilian Formula One race-car driver Ayrton Senna’s sister, Viviane, embracing his helmet (bottom) at Senna’s funeral in 1994 (he died in a terrible crash in Imola, Italy during a Grand Prix race). 

Senna was a hero in Brazil, and his death was considered to be a national tragedy. 


Ayrton Senna  Lotus - Renault  Monaco 1985


Ayrton Senna  Lotus - Renault  Monaco 1985


I would have to go back to 78’ and 79’ and 1980, when I was Go Kart driving. It was pure driving, pure racing. There wasn’t any politics and no money involved either. It was real racing.

Senna (2010)



Last week I went to see the Senna documentary/film. It is easily one of the most beautiful, insightful and moving pieces of film I have ever had the pleasure of watching. I grew up watching F1 and I remember the events surrounding his death quite vividly, despite only being a kid at the time, so it’s amazing being able to see ‘behind closed doors’ at these events so to speak.

I felt inspired make my own poster tribute: